teh_moon (teh_moon) wrote in the_unicorns,

people! unicorn people!

i'm confused! help me!

i recently picked up a copy of 'who will cut...' on 12" vinyl...

and i just put it in my record player...

and, it's not the album! it's the unicorns, very different, but, it's not the album!

there isn't a side 1 or side 2 - there's a 'side ready' and a 'side not ready'.

'side not ready' has 4 tracks, and says 'the unicorns' with a cartoon skull and crossbones on it -

'side ready' says 'who will cut our hair when we're gone'.

there's only 2 possible scenarios for this -

1) this is some kind of misprint, and this isn't the unicorns on the album, but some other group on alien 8. (which is what i'm thinking)

2) new songs by the unicorns, on some strange lp misprint.

i think it's #1, but what do you think?
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thats what it looks like. the vinyl. but there aren't any who will cut our hair tracks at all?
hmm sounds like some kind of misprint.
The same thing thing happened to my friend. Congrats, you got a misprint. Hold on to it, it'll be worth something some day.
I'll take it off your hands for the price you bought it for. ;)
i've got a misprint as wellllll!!!!

keep it. love it. buy another copy, though. a "real" copy.
Lucky nut!
i would be so so happy if i got a misprint ha ha
it's the walkmen.