Unicorns Poster for Sale!!

Hello all! I am selling this hand screen-printed 11.75" x 17.5" unicorns poster. It's a "who will cut our hair when we're gone?" poster from a show at the Troubadour. Got it a super long time ago. You can take it off my hands for $15 + $5 shipping and handling and packaging. I will ship in an a poster tube. It's super cool and in great condition. There is one little mark on the bottom part of the pink neg.

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people! unicorn people!

i'm confused! help me!

i recently picked up a copy of 'who will cut...' on 12" vinyl...

and i just put it in my record player...

and, it's not the album! it's the unicorns, very different, but, it's not the album!

there isn't a side 1 or side 2 - there's a 'side ready' and a 'side not ready'.

'side not ready' has 4 tracks, and says 'the unicorns' with a cartoon skull and crossbones on it -

'side ready' says 'who will cut our hair when we're gone'.

there's only 2 possible scenarios for this -

1) this is some kind of misprint, and this isn't the unicorns on the album, but some other group on alien 8. (which is what i'm thinking)

2) new songs by the unicorns, on some strange lp misprint.

i think it's #1, but what do you think?
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Just a question, for anyone who really knows their unicorns stuff, well islands stuff. At the corn gang show at the echo, a guy mentioned a swedish metal band called nightwish to Jaime, who seemed to have much interest in the topic. Nightwish has a song called "retun to the sea", could their be a link between these two instances, or just a big fucking coincidence?
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So, uh, if youre interested, i just got back from the islands show at the echo in LA and i have a super high quality video of the entire show.

If you want it, start asking around on the forums and in a few days it should be ready.

The unicorns are so fucking dead. Long live islands.